A dream come true across the Icelandic wasteland

“Shared Ice 2018” was conducted in support of #Chilipepperscause – an idea with no budget or commercial interest helping children at risk of being taken from their parents. You can learn more about the cause and how to help by visiting the facebook page of Chili Peppers.

The objective of this expedition was to complete and unsupported Autumn crossing of Iceland’s three largest ice caps – Vatnajokull (the largest glacier in Europe), Hofsjokull and Langjokull. Completely understanding that this is the worst time of the year to do it, second only to the dangerous winds of late Jan/early Feb, we planned 20 days for the trip – 14-16 days on the move and 4 spare days for bad weather.The team – myself and m’lady.

As the lady had limited experience with skis and on glaciers, this was going to be a training expedition for us to work on our team cohesion in extreme weather and to build a good team for future expeditions.