This project is simply the expression of love between two people who dare to dream big.
We are going to traverse the world’s largest and most technical ice fields in an attempt to rediscover the limits of human endurance and raise awareness for two major issues in our society – the pollution in the mountains and children at risk of being taken from their parents.

In our own country – Bulgaria – over 4000 children are at risk from being thrown into foster care or for adoption. Most of these children are NOT orphans. It is simply that their parents are at the brink of poverty and can barely make ends meet.
Our expeditions support and raise awareness and funds for the #ChilipeppersCause – a creative way to raise money and help children in need in Bulgaria to stay with their families.

100% of the donated money are used in support of children’s daily needs – diapers, food, medicines, etc. To find out more about #Chilipepperscause, visit the cause’s facebook page.

The second major issue we are adressing is directly related to nature and the legacy we want to leave for future generations.
Over the last few decades, with the progress of mass tourism, even such remote and pristine locations as the Southern Patagonian Icefield are suffering from pollution by non-degradable human generated waste.
Under the banner of our #CleanTheMountain cause, we conduct and document large scale waste-removal operations in an attempt to promote responsible behavior towards nature and sustainable mountaineering.